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  Igor Fyodorovich Kushpler born 1 January 1949 in the picturesque village Pokrivtsi Zhidachivskogo district, Lviv region. From a child he was fond of music, singing. His biography is quite typical for young artists. Uchotyrnadtsyat years (1963) went to school in Simbirsk cultural-conductor, choral department. He worked as a soloist of the State Merited song and dance "Verkhovyna." Here his first musical mentor was the artistic director of the ensemble sluzhenyy Artist of Ukraine Yu.Korchynskyy. From there I.Kushpler left for military service in the army. Afterdemobilization he studied at the Pedagogical Institute in Drohobych classroom teacher M.Kopnina, pet Kharkov vocal school. In Lviv State Conservatory. Lysenko Igor Kushpler was educated at two faculties - vocal and conductor. In 1978 he graduated from the vocal department (he studied in the class of Professor P. Karmaluk, 1973-1975 and Professor O. Darchuk, 1975-1978), and for the year - conductor (class profesoraYu. Luciw). From 1978-1980 I. Kushpler - Lviv Philharmonic soloist from 1980 - Lviv Opera soloist in 1998-1999 as artistic director of the theater, People's Artist of Ukraine (1999). His repertoire includes about 50 opera parts. Among them: Rigoletto, Nabucco, Iago, Amonasro, Di Luna, Figaro, Robert, Silvio, Sharpless, Germont, Escamillo, Onegin, Ostap,Michael Gurman, Poet and others. Igor Fyodorovich participated in opera festivals in Ukraine (Lviv, Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk), Russia (Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Kazan), Poland (Warsaw, Poznan, Sanok, Bytom, Wroclaw), in the cities of Germany, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Libya, Lebanon, Qatar. As a concert singer toured Europe and Ameryky.Zalyshyv numerous stock records, including chysliznyavsya in Broadcast operas "Maestro Chapel" D. Chimarozy and "Telephone" J. Me-notti.Ihor Kushpler - author Solosing in and, works for vocal ensembles and choral arrangements of folk songs, typescript-ated in the author's collections: "With deep sources" (1999), "Search for Love" (2000), "In anticipation of Spring" (2004), as well as collections of vocal works of various authors. Equally generous was his uzhynok on her pedagogical field, where the singer transferred HLW his wide vocal and stage experience. In ca-Phaedrus solo singing Lviv National Music Academy. Lysenko Igor Kushpler taught since 1983, Professor (2000). Much of its graduates working opera soloists Lviv, Kyiv, Warsaw, Hamburg, Vienna, Toronto and other cities in Europe and svitu.Bilshist class pupils Igor Fedorovich (students and asystentivstazhystiv) were Laura-Atami (including first prizes) prestigious international competitions such as: na. Lysenko, im.S.Krushelnytskoyi, im.B.Hmyri, to them. I.Patorzhynskoho, to them. I.Alchevskoho (Ukraine), named. S.ÃÓnushko, im.A.Didura, im.A.Sari (Poland) Verdiyivski voices them. Viotti (in Italy), im.Korolevy Elizabeth (in Belgium), Belvedere (in Austria), P.Tchaikovsky (in Russia), the Association of Radio Germany (ARD) and inshi.Sered yohovypusknykiv: Honored Artist of Ukraine - winner of the National Award Ukraine. Shevchenko A. Shkurhan, I. Derdo, O.Sydir, soloist of the Vienna shtatsopery Z.Kushpler, soloist of the National Opera of Ukraine (Kyiv) M.Hubchuk, soloists Lvivskoyiopery - Victor Dudar, V. Zahorbenskyy, A. Aesthetic, T.Vahnovska for contracts in opera houses throughout the United States, Canada and Italy are O.Sytnytska, S. Shuptar, S.Solovey, S.Slyv Lukyanchuk and others. In 1999, the jury named. John Patorzhinskogo marked I. Kushpler diploma "The best teacher." He once was a member of the jury of contests of singers, including III International contest-accompanied them. Krushelnytska Salome (2003), II and III International Competition. Adam Didur (Poland, 2008, 2012), systematically led master classes at music schools in Germany and Poland.Since 2011 Igor Kushpler with great success is performedHLW management department of solo singing. He - the author and director of numerous creative projects that successfully embodied in life along with the lecturer. English Polski Italiano

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