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Miraculous Icon of Kokhavyna

The image of the Virgin and Jesus appeared out of nowhere on an old oak tree in the forest on the way to Zhydachiv"Czestochowa at Crecy" - So the Poles before the war called Kokhavyna even been rail Krakow Kokhavyna "- says the abbot of St.. Gerard Father Peter. Now on the map of Ukraine you will not find Kokhavyna village, it is now part of the town. Hnizdychiv Zhidachivskogo District . still remember the name of the village because of the legend of the appearance about 400 years ago in places where the miraculous icon of the Mother of God. Kokhavyna since then has become a place of pilgrimage of many Christians.

in honor of the Virgin in the village built a church that is still preserved, and in which the conduct of worship. care shrine monks Redemptorists. Currently, once the Polish church is the monastery church of the Holy Virgin.Getting from Lviv Kokhavyna was not so hard. Bus ride to Zhydachiv, and then the main catch the bus to town. Hnizdychiv. On the way to Hnizdycheva Gothic spire visible from afar kohavynskoho church. Arrives at the gate - all open, go to the territory. The middle of the courtyard stands a mighty temple is not razed to the ground and sometimes people. Right - a small three-story building - actually Monastery of St.. Gerard oo. Redemptorists. We met abbot, Father Peter kindly agreed among weekdays open church and spend a little tour.We approach closer to the house - visible and quite deep cracks and collapses, collapsed walls. Inside the picture is not the best - where and there looms a wall painting, interior ornament broken down."We had no sponsors came several times by different people, but all ended only bride - complains Father Peter. - We can, how pidryhtovuyemo, so no threat collapse, holds regular worship." Miraculous icon placed in the temple in the side altars."This is a copy, brought in 2000 from Poland. Genuine after the arrival of Soviet power took Poles - continues Father Peter - but even a copy of a miraculous power. People do not tire of giving honor to God and receive the blessing."Among the forest - the iconThe sanctuary also see a picture illustrating the appearance of icons in Kokhavyna.

According to legend, in 1646 the village ore heiress Anna Voyankovska was going to Zhydachiv through Kohavynskyy forest. Suddenly the carriage stopped. Looking out from her, Anna Voyankovska saw an impressive picture - four horses fell to his knees and stared at the unusual light. It flowed from two burning candles, and between them the old oak duplavomu could see the icon of Our Lady of the Child Jesus in her left arm. Anna immediately returned to Ore in order to inform the parish priest of a miracle."Nobody knows who painted the image and placed it on an old oak. Icon was painted on oak, beautifully machined board size - 56cm by 82 cm bottom, during their own way, the inscription in Latin" O Mother of God, you have chosen Our direct path (to God). "inscription and reproduced in the copy icon" - says Fr.After identifying icon like her to transfer to the parish church of the village Ore. According to legend, three times the faithful wanted to transfer the image to the temple, but to no avail: the next morning, he again appeared in the same oak tree, where he saw for the first time. Up through 34, 1680-th, descendants of Ivan Vigovs'kogo Vigovsky Eustace and his wife Teresa have donated funds to build a chapel.

There also with the permission of the Archbishop of Lviv Constantine Lipsky and was moved with all honors icon. Chapel was the first refuge of the image.It is a place where there was an icon, located a little farther from the house. We must take the path a few meters. Now there is no oak, and a few trees that form if public garden. Also next to the chapel, the site of revelation - a well of healing tasty water. Above the pit also posted a copy of the miraculous icon.Construction of the templeThe fame of the miraculous icon spread through not only Halychnu but the whole of the Commonwealth, the number of pilgrims increased and early XVIII century nobleman village of Ruda Kostnyatyn Vygovska family built a wooden church and a house for the pastor and monks. Icon was moved from the chapel in the church. The first pastor was Rev. kohavynskym Slivinska.However long he ministered there. The researcher history village Kokhavyna Ulyana Lyakh writes that in 1747 the founder Vigovsky invited to the village fathers Carmelites and gave them some land in lifetime use. But with time and a wooden church was unable to insert all parishioners. Then, in 1861, Father Eugene Petruskyy announced the project of a new church and intensively began to collect funds for the brick church. In church chronicle recorded that the church decided to build in Romanesque style.Once not collect money for a new sanctuary: donations of parishioners, selling books. Still, money is not enough, and Kohavynska parish downfall. Even selling great old oaks belonging to the church community. With the proceeds - six thousand crowns - vymuruvaly almost to the level of the windows of the church walls. But then sell has not been what, a few years ago is no covered walls and stood. Up until Countess Holevska not donated 5 thousand zlotys to the roof of the temple.Construction continued, but very, very slowly. This lasted until the parish administrator is appointed was a young priest Jan Tshopinskoho, vicar of the heater. Chroniclers describe what parish Tshopinskyy found in very poor condition: few people in the liturgy, drinking in taverns, robbery, unfinished and do not need the church. For turning people back to the faith shepherd Tshopinskyy invites fathers Jesuits. And he begins to engage the end of the structure of the church.In 1894 he was consecrated a new church, built in conjunction Romanticism and Gothic styles. It contains a typical French high tower space for the faithful of the side naves and sanctuary. The facade of the sanctuary is a tower with two lateral naves on the sides - columnar performances are decorated with pilasters and above - sculptures of Saints Peter and Paul. Tower contained two balconies and watch. Inside was also a body that drove up from Silesia. Architecture model house find Neo-Romanesque style that was common in Western Europe in the nineteenth century. Also unique value with secessionist murals that adorn the walls and vaulting inside the church. Most of them - the image of cherubs and the Virgin Mary. "You see - explains Fr Peter - even in church paintings show that the patroness of the church - the Blessed Virgin Mary." He created them in the years 1928-29 known Polish artist of Ukrainian origin, Professor of Engineering School in Lviv Julian Krupski.During the celebration of the dedication of the temple in Kokhavyna gathered more than 3,000 faithful Ukrainian, Polish and Armenian rites. The "church newspaper" published when the icon of Virgin Mary was transferred from the old church to the new, people were crying, because they were sorry that the Lady leaves his familiar home.And at the beginning of XX century temple again expand, because the building could not accommodate all the parishioners. Increased church and side chapel, temple takes the form of a cross. As the number of pilgrims increased, Rev. Ian Tshopinskyy saw the need to build the house for pilgrims. It was built next to the church and called it "Guest House under the Protection of the Guardian Angel."Writes Ulyana Lyakh, Father Ian Tshopinskyy gathered information about healing people and was so convinced of the extraordinary opportunities icons, sent to Lviv Archbishop Joseph Bilshevskoho delegation requested the coronation of the image. August 15, 1912 on the day of the coronation icons arrived 100,000 pilgrims. For the ritual coronation crown made of gold of the highest order, decorated with precious stones.World War II and the SovietsDuring the First World War, became a place of refuge Kokhavyna Austrian garrison and refugees from Eastern Ukraine. After the war, old and infirm father Ian Tshopinskyy future care of the shrine. In his will he wrote that after his death "administoramy parish are the Jesuit Fathers." In 1931, Father Tshopinskyy dies and is buried on the southwest side of the house. Jesuits actively embarked on church life, and in the way was the Second World War. In late 1943 the military front approached Kokhavyna. "I told the old people, the Germans fired from the roof of the church on the people, and then got off, got on the motorcycle and fled" - says resident Hnizdycheva Vladimir.To save from destruction miraculous icon, the Jesuit Fathers made up with simulated dress and crown and placed it on the altar. And the same icon was taken to the Polish city of Gliwice, in the church of St. Bartholomew, and then built a new church there. None of the parishioners did not know about the change. In Poland Kohavynska Virgin is still.In 1946, the last temple priest Joseph Pyetsuh, hiding from arrest, left the parish. The Soviet government closed the church and gave his farm. Cross with towers toppled and the church began to serve as a granary, lonopunktu. In the holy place zayizhdzhala heavy machinery, was cattle. From neglect began to leak roof, the Bolsheviks even wanted to topple the tower of the temple, and it has withstood the onslaught of the collective farm machinery. From the tower only shot clock and gave it to Zhidachivskogo Historical Museum. Not sorry "Soviets" even well with holy water - covered her rubbish and neglected, and a chapel, where he kept the first icon closed.RedemptoristsIn 1960 he was attached to Kokhavyna Hnizdycheva and formed one parish. Then, after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the independence of Ukraine take care of the temple in Kokhavyna-Hnizdychiv began fathers CSsR or Redemptorists (redemptor - Latin. "Redeemer").However Redemptorists first visited here in 1903 at the invitation of Father John Tshopinskoho for the mission. In October 1991, the church was Greek Catholic. On the basis of the monastery of St. Gerard created novitiate - the spiritual training that prepares young monks in providing lifelong vow and further study at the seminary."We are the Eastern branch of the Order of Redemptorists. Now lives in a monastery five monks with vows for life, just a 11-po monastery people," - said abbot, Father Peter.Here, where the actual monastery - was originally an orphanage. It opened in 1903 and initially lived here 14 children. After the war - it was a boarding school for children with special needs, but then it was moved to the village Livchytsi.Now the monastery is its economy - a few cows, pigs, and apiary. "We're trying to deal themselves, and sometimes on the farm to help local farmers. Also in the kitchen working women with Hnizdycheva. Eat modestly, without frills. Treat yourself earth, grass for cattle braids tractor. Apiary cares brother Roman," - says Father Peter .Life in a strict religious prayers and work. There is a small football field. Father Peter says, from time to time monks teach the children, organize spiritual teachings - retreats, and various games.Now the monastery premises conduct repairs. Reduced to the order of monastic territory. Redemptorists cleaned themselves and oblahorodyly well with holy water. Found there and a few grenades. By the way, none of them exploded. "We do that on their own trying to repair something and money is not enough. According to preliminary calculations, the restoration of the temple have to invest about $ 1 million - said Father Peter. - We now restore the tower at its own expense."Since last year, the church entered into the register of monuments. According to Father Peter, the sanctuary and now comes a lot of people and not only in Ukraine, but also from Poland.Olga TkachenkoDiva Kohavynskoyi iconFifty Sigmund Liasota Kalinskyy with Zhydachiv said that he saw a strange light in the chapel around the image, although outside the chapel was closed and no candle burning there.Catherine Blatkevych the village Ruda told the miraculous resurrection of his already cold 7-day baby, which she accidentally smothered night his body firmly asleep.74-year-old lieutenant K. Vigovsky said that he thanks God care of seven wars out without injury.Casimir Smolensk with Krupskaya testified to healing of the legs, which have long been unable to cure.Anatoly Ropachevskyy from Struy testified miraculous recovery of his son, who suffered from a severe form of smallpox.After these testimonies commission headed by Archbishop Ignatius Vyzhytskoho Lviv in 1755 proclaimed Kohavynsku miraculous icon.

Translations of articles from the website -http://www.pohlyad.com/

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